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Eggs Sorting

Our staff in charge of egg sorting does a rigorous work to ensure equality and healthy eggs are sorted and carefully observed for the market consumption.

Eggs Picking

We maintain the best of practices to ensure the birds are healthy to lay quality eggs.Egg picking is done by well train staff who are committed to follow due process to preserve the lives of the birds. Egg collection is mainly done by hand picking.

Feed Processing

In house feed mixing plant capable of mixing quality feed to feed the about 100000 bird capacity in our two different farm campuses.With a dedicated staff the feed is constantly monitored to meet the highest quality standards.

Staff and Management

G.I Nyame Aye Awie Ampa Limited has a staff capacity of 65 people and other consulting staff who see to the day today management of the company and its two main farms.

The management understand the need to encourage and motivate the staff to perform their optimum best.Management never relents on doing that.

Moses Tuah



Mr. Isaac Gyabaah, the CEO of GI Nyame Aye Awie Ampa Limited was born on the 19th day
of April, 1967. Before he established the farm in 2007, he was a driver at Unity Farms in
Yaakrom. He was not just a driver but was keen in ensuring that decisions taken by
management were implemented as far as his role as a driver was concerned. 

With a loan from ADB Bank in 2007, he started poultry farming in a rented premise with 3000 birds and 3 employees. This he did with truthfulness, dedication and hard work till date when he has a 164,000 farm capacity with 70 workers.

He gained enough experience when he started work at Unity Farms at Yaakrom. He built alot of relationship with a good number of industry players; suppliers, aggregators and
customers. He took very good decisions with his management team which has brought the business this far. He attended a lot of training programmes organized by poultry development institutions including the Ghana Poultry Project (GPP).

 He was very instrumental in the re-organization of the Dormaa Poultry Farmers Association (DoPFA). He is an executivemember of DoPFA. He is currently the acting vice chairman of the Brong Ahafo Poultry Farmers Association and a leading member of the National Poultry Farmers Association.



Hannah Konadu



To maintain our birds in  good environment and keep them in good condition. We have adopted the intensive farming system to make sure the highest standards are maintain.

Our staff work round the clock to make sure our over 100 hen coops are well maintain. Food,water and air circulation and other vaccinations are supplied in the right proportions to main healthy birds.


G.I Nyame Aye Awie Ampa Limited believes for the right eggs production the best feed must be produced. With on time in house farm feed mixing plant.The right feed is put together to feed out over 100000 bed capacity in both farms.

Eggs are collected daily and sorted into the various sizes categorization and then supplied to the market.

Our Proud Partners:


Dormaa Ahenkro

Brong Ahafo, Ghana

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